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Subject: Compiling Problem
Author: H. Petersen
Date: 05/23/2006 09:09

i tried to compile HTTrack on WinXP with VC++6.0 as well as with Visual Studio
2003 and 2005 but getting the same problem:
unresolved symbol "_launch_mms" in function "_back_add"

i didn't find any topics in the forum matching this problem..

i did the following steps to compile HTTrack:
- downloaded the 3.40-2 zip-package and copied the src_win\libhttrack and
WinHTTrack dir and all contents of src\ to c:\dev.
- downloaded IPv6Kit, openssl (0.9.8b) and zlib (1.2.3) -> copied in c:\dev
- loaded the worksheet httrack.dsw in the VC+6.0 / VS2003 / VS2005
- put "#define HTS_ANALYSTE 1" in htssystem.h
- tried to compile -> get the mentioned error

can anyone give me a hint, how to compile HTTrack?Thank you!

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Compiling Problem

05/23/2006 09:09


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