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Subject: cant for my vaccine research, why?
Author: Dr.Aamir
Date: 05/23/2006 20:06
Why i cant download "" that contain *.swf
with HTTrack?
sure they has coded the link on *.html ...kind of interactive stuff...

i need it for my vaccine research. can u do help?i need to know the whole
story / exact in DNA execution
how about 2 dna core in one cell, so 1 cell must be had the original code in
1st core and 2nd core our functional vaccine function(adding function in a

(so, if success, we should have a very generic medicine for alot of
(but unfortunetly, sometimes knowledge need very expensive cost i cant
affort...thats why i use this pirated ways...please, sorry.)
god, so much stuff to study about.

Btw. hei,you can see that these DNAs and cells work very familiar to the
today-computers, or network...but maybe i should say it is more advance than
the computer exist today which only execute 1 instruction per is
very very huge paralel computers opinion, all automatic machine
exist today, all based from down here u see. if u dont believe, u can go check
(a machine that surounded by floading battrays, cells, it is god creation)
can u believe, almost all Cells in our body had the same 1 exact complete DNA
chain....every cells in us has the complete information about our phisical
body: hair, finger, bones, facial, skin...u name it!! 

Best regards

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cant for my vaccine research, why?

05/23/2006 20:06


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