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Subject: webhttrack, Ubuntu and lockups
Author: John Hughes
Date: 05/28/2006 20:09
I'm running webhttrack 3.33.16-1 on a Ubuntu Linux box.

I'm attempting to create an offline copy of a Gallery web site that contains
more than 3,700 images. 

The webhttrack interface is with Firefox

As the download of the web site progresses, the system begins to slow until it
finally comes to a halt. 

It appears that the swap disk fills.

I am new to Linux. I have never had this problem when I used httrack's GUI
interface on a WindowsXP box.

At this moment, I'm forced to watch the download until I see the swap disk
start to fill (usually about 15 minutes) and then abort the download and
reboot the machine. I then start again.  This is the procedure I developed
after leaving the room and returning to find the system entirely locked.

Note: I've tried the command line Linux version. The result is the same.
Eventually I'm alerted that a script has become unresponsive and I'm given an
opportunity to attempt to abort it, but by that point the system is so badly
locked up that I'm forced to cold-boot.

I would appreciate any ideas on what might be the problem. I've also posted
this in the Ubuntu help forums.


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