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Subject: how to write httrack command in the .bash_profile
Author: spirogyra
Date: 06/06/2006 12:30
i want to resume the interrupted download as soon as i login to my account. so
i wrote the following code in the .bash_profie file

httrack -O /var/common/capture -i -P

the problem is, whenever i want to login after editing the .bash_profile file
(after logging off or rebooting and then logging in) the system seems to hang,
it doesn't start any more. but the interesting thing is , if i truncate the -i
command like this 

httrack -O /var/common/capture -P

everything goes fine (i can login without any hazard). but i need the -i
command as i want to continue from the interrupted downloads. would you please
tell me how to solve this?i observed that if even i logout, httrack process
continues.  i don't know if this is the reason behind this. 

another question: 
what is the option to take the httrack in background (now i can take it to
background by pressing ctrl+c and then choosing b).

please bear in mind that i do not have root password.


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how to write httrack command in the .bash_profile

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