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Subject: blank spaces in links
Author: Dan_A
Date: 06/06/2006 15:03
I use httrack on unix to test links on web pages which I maintain.  This runs
as a cronjob at night, without my presence.

Yesterday I added a few links to one of my pages.  The links have blank spaces
in them (original file names) like:
<> name one.html.

During the test httrack only sees:
<>, which, of course, is a broken link.  Httrack
reports it as such.  It seems that the blank space is a link delimiter to
httrack (would quotes -- single or double -- be a better delimiter?).

I can, probably, get around this on my own pages, where I could substitute %20
for the blank, but what about mirroring sites which I do not control?  I guess
these links would not be followed, but would cause an error.

Does anyone have a good solution?

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