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Subject: Re: Mirror complete notification
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/12/2006 23:00
> Hi, I work for the Widernet Project and we copy
> sites (with their permission) on a large scale.

First, thanks for using httrack in your project!

> Because of the large scale, we use several different
> computers at a time and we would like some way to
> track their progress.

How do you spawn httrack ? Using some bash-style scripting ? Using
execve()-style command ? Or using the library ? The later lets you track
precisely the mirror state (actualy, you have the same information you have on
the GUI version, which is another library client)

> Is there some notification or
> flag built into HTTrack that signals its completion?
If you just want to track the completion state, you can either track the
process life, and/or the hts-in_progress.lock lock file, which is created at
the begining of the mirror, and deleted at the end of the program.

> We would like it to tell our databases when the
> mirroring is complete so we know to go onto the next
> stop in our process. 

Note that the libtest/example.c source file gives you a good start to make a
very simple main app. to control the engine.

The 3.41 library core rourines should be more clean, and (hopefully) "more"
thread-safe - the current beta version also has some improvements in the API
(to catch some events)

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