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Subject: Re: cache decision message
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 06/17/2006 09:47
> I'm new using this program.  My questions: by
> default, does the program capture an entire web site

By default, httrack captures all files in lower levels (that is, strating from
<> will download everything under

> This time I got an error message
> decision box about the cache.

You probably stopped the update session quickly, and httrack asked if you
wanted to restore the previous one

> Was that the correct choice or
> will I loose some product page information when I
> continue the next time?  

First, select "continue an interrupted mirror", and not just "update" (which
is slower). Then, select the default (keep the old cache) option if you
interrupted the update early. If you downloaded some stuff, keep the new one.

> Also, this time I got 20,346 errors.  What might be
> the cause of these errors?
Check the hts-log.txt (use the "more" command, if available on windows)

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