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Subject: - how to DL? :-)
Author: Axel
Date: 06/18/2006 20:53
Hi all, 

I would like to download a page, which has - unfortunately - many, many sub
pages, which are accessed using only the ID get variable. 

That looks like this:

I ONLY want to have pages with "" as base. ot any other .asp
page, thank you :) . 

But I didn't manage to set the settings of httrack in a way this is done. I
always download way too much, or almost nothing, but ... well, downloading
only the page.asp stuff was beyond me. 

can anyone help? I searched a bit in the forum but I didn't seem to hit the
correct search terms, for I didn't find anything useful ... :-/

Greetings & thanks in advance, 

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06/18/2006 20:53
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