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Subject: Re: Bug: memory overused.
Author: helmutjosef
Date: 06/25/2006 07:08
WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.40-2 (+swf) on win xp sp2

at present only about 100 mb are left on hdd c.

since some days i tried to solve the problem, by adding 512mb ram. 
i even had to delete some programms to get more space.
also by mirroring i don`t click: use memory for updating under experts

at this moment httrack works for about 10 hours,
here are my questions for soving the problem:

1. to halt(not to finish) httrack and update it to HTTrack  3.41-beta-1, to
continue from that point. 
to excuse myself for such question, i am only a "pc-homeuser"

2. anyhow, how to find the  temporarily HTML downloaded files on disk to
delete them for the next mirroring??i already redirected everthing from
ie-explorer to drive d.

3.if nothing will work: to install win xp sp2 again, lets say on a 20 gig
partition, it meens over 15 giga are empty,
will httrack be satisfied with this space??
would be nice, if help will reach before the 100 mb hdd space is gone.

anyhow, thank a lot for this tool, it will be of great value for a homeopathic
friend of mine. 

all the best



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