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Subject: Windows Media Video As TXT Files ver 3.40-2 (+swf)
Author: Sgt
Date: 06/26/2006 12:05
This prog keeps saving my wmv files as txt files gets the rm vid files no
probs, but can't get the wmv files, they work ok if i change the extention to
wmv but then can't access through the saved web page, this has been happening
since 3.40 what's going on, thought this would have been fixed by now before
releasing an update, also noted now i've got to input a depth for the prog to
actually get full jpgs, not just that i've got to actually put the name of the
website in the scan rules section ie* but u can't have*. This sucks, this prog can't also
access the files on or any of the other sites that do the same
no matter what rules u choose. Even If u tell it not to use the robots txt
file, which has been bypassed anyway, theirs sites out there now that have got
passed the problems of programs that ignore it. (Do a web search, I did was,
looking for something else at the time, but I found it).

One other thing before I go

This is the most unorganised forum I have ever come across
It should be cut into diff sections like all the other forums on the internet.
Then u can find what ur looking for.



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Windows Media Video As TXT Files ver 3.40-2 (+swf)

06/26/2006 12:05
Re: Windows Media Video As TXT Files ver 3.40-2 (+swf)

06/27/2006 11:10


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