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Subject: grap php pages which are requested via "option"tag
Author: schappenberg
Date: 06/30/2006 19:48
Hi all

i just found httrack a view weeks ago, great program! But now i've got a
problem graping parts of a specific page:
I want to grap recipes for my girlfriend, the problem is that there are no
links on the page just a HTML-form with "option" tags which are assigned to a
.php page.
the code looks like this:

<form name='date1' method='post' action='/recipelist.php'>
<select name='value1' onchange='javascript:document.date1.submit();'>
  <option value='2006-06-27'>27.06.2006</option>
  <option value='2006-06-10'>10.06.2006</option>

So in the browser you have to select one option and the php-script forward you
to the selected day (page) with HTML links to the desired recipes (which
should be no problem to grap). But httrack didn't found this links, what do i
do wrong?
Thanks in advance

PS: Sorry, i'm not a native speaker, hope you know what i try to say
PPS: The real page is <>

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