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Subject: change *.jsp files into *.html files
Author: Rainer
Date: 07/04/2006 15:25

I would like to archive http:\\ with httrack Version 3.40-2 and
encountered the following problem:

The *.jsp files were changed into *.html files: 14:12:59 Info:  engine:
transfer-status: link updated: ->
C:/Meine Webseiten/Mini4/
The problem is, that the html files cannot be displayed in the explorer after
archiving. I only get the message, that there is an error on the page and that
the page cannot be shown - can you help me??
best regards


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change *.jsp files into *.html files

07/04/2006 15:25
Re: change *.jsp files into *.html files

07/04/2006 19:29


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