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Subject: update overwriting files due to new password
Author: sal
Date: 07/06/2006 23:29
I've noticed that if I change the password used for accessing a site that I've
copied before and that I'm trying to update, all the old files are
overwritten.  I've looked in the ht-cache folder and note that the URL's
stored in some of the files contain the old username/password info and I'm
assuming that since the URL appears different, httracker is overwriting  all
previously downloaded files.

I thought I might be able to manually edit the ht-cache files but the
file has given me trouble.  When I try to uncompress it on a windows machine,
winzip reports invalid filenames within the zip file.  When I use "unzip" on a
Redhat ES v4, the file uncompresses into a directory structure based on the
URL.  ie.  The top level directory is "http:", the next level subdirectory is
the next part of the URL, etc.   So, I thought I could change the directory
name with the username/password, recompress the file, and try to trick httrack
into accepting the old file.  However, when I recompress the folder, the zip
file is a lot smaller than the original. 

Am I wasting my time?  Is there any way to preserve my old archived data after
changing the password needed to access the website I'm trying to copy?

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update overwriting files due to new password

07/06/2006 23:29
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