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Subject: Re: PHP-pages
Author: Tom
Date: 07/07/2006 09:11
Hello Leto,

thanks for your hint, but I captured the login page already as described in
the mentioned link.

Please let me explain more detailed, what usually happens.
- Captured login page in Winhttrack
- Defining the settings for the to downloaded website
- Start

- All websites are downloaded correctly, but always the last page of the
"tree" which contains the interesting customers details is not downloaded.
Instead of the details page, another login page is downloaded.
The misterious thing is, that I usually do NOT have to login twice, if I use
any webbrowser. In other words, I do not see the login page to access the
customers details.

Do you have any idea?
Some remarks:
- The login page has the format:
- After entering the login details I reach a page
- From here, I have the interesting websites linked. Every one leads to
subpages and from there to the (obviously) again passwort protected data set
websites. That means, the next page is from format
and than below this page the customers data set can be found at
(this is one of the many websites, winhttrack cannot download and displays
instead the link to another login page).

I hope, these additional information helps a bit more.


PS: Thanks for the efforts to help.
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