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Subject: i dont think i am using httrack right i need help?
Author: powersupream
Date: 07/15/2006 01:15
well i just got Httrack but i am having treouble using it. I tried to follow
the basic instructions on the site and this is what happened : at first
everything seemed to be fine i went offline and on to the base path folder to
see if the webpage i wanted was saved, I expected to see just one icon or
folder containing the site but there were many foders and icons. which was
kind of confusing? after a while i figured out which one should of contained
my webpage but when i clicked on it only the webpages back ground appeared
with no text or pictures!

I then went online and went into the base path folder to acess the site and
saved my site from the From the base path folder to a different folder. I went
ofline and in the new folder and there was my site the way i wanted it from
the begining just one icon with all the pictures and text!! This took quite
some time to finally get my web page the way i expected  it

i have 3 questions
1)when i save a site using Httrack and open the base path folder is it
supposed to have all those icons and folders, instead of just one icon 
containing my web page

2)do i always have to save the webpage from my base path folder to another one
to have just one icon containing the full page with text and pictured?
3)why didn't httrack save my page from the internet from the get go??
Am i doing something wrong can someone please help!!!



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i dont think i am using httrack right i need help?

07/15/2006 01:15


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