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Subject: Need help with site - tried everything!
Author: Jim Reines
Date: 07/23/2006 21:26
Hi there,

I'm battling with several sites that are on a non-standard web server, which
doesn't use file extensions. I want to make a mirror with all URLs converted
so that the entire site will work on a different server (or offline browsing).
HTTrack works with the homepage of each site (actually it generates about 4
copies of the homepage, under different name), but there is one file, a
javascript file, in which the links are not converted. This file is used to
make the main menu of each site, so it is critical. Because of this, HTTrack
is not converting or following the links in the main menu, and so most of each
site does not get downloaded. I've read the forums, manuals and faqs, and
tried every option setting that I thought might help, even the expert options.
Nothing seems to work.

There are over 30 sites (they are all clients of ours) but I'll give 3 here so
you can have a look:


This server is going offline at the end of the month, which is why I'm
desparate to get everything mirrored in time. By the way I tried about 6 other
"site copy" programs, including wget, and HTTrack works the best of all so
far. Well done for such a great program.

Any advice or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

P.S. I'm using 3.40-2 (+swf) on Windows XP svcpack 2.



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Need help with site - tried everything!

07/23/2006 21:26


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