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Subject: Mirroring web pages with strange link structure
Author: Daniel
Date: 07/24/2006 21:31
I use Win HTTrack v. 3.33 to mirror web pages. I think it’s a great program,
but unfortunately I can’t really get it in every case.

I want to mirror a webpage which is built up like following:

Almost all links are present in this type:
In other words without *.html added at the end.
Every link has an own folder containing an index.htm

A few links are 'completely normal', like this:

I would like to mirror such a webpage including all HTML-files and all
EVERYTHING ELSE should NOT be downloaded.

Is this - because of the unusual links - possible and if it’s possible, how
should I try it (filters, other options)?
With conventional web pages, which work with linking directly at HTML-files,
I’ve always used the following filters:


This works great, but with the other links ( it’s


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Mirroring web pages with strange link structure

07/24/2006 21:31


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