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Subject: footer information in hts-log.txt
Author: peter yohe
Date: 07/28/2006 01:10
Hi Xavier,

Would it be possible to modify HTTrack to output to the hts-log.txt file the
-F% option when the selection in WinHTTrack for HTML Footer = None?
The footer option that is recorded in the hts-log.txt file saves a -%F instead
of a -%F "" when the html footer option is set to 'none' in WinHTTrack.

I've tried using the blank setting for HTML Footer in WinHTTrack, but it seems
the default is to add a footer to the downloaded pages.

I want to save the line from hts-log.txt that starts with (httrack or
(winhttrack and use it later to run httrack from a command line.

Here's the problem: if I use the -%F option without the "" I get this error:

* Syntax error:
        Option -%F needs to be followed by a parameter: -%F <param>

Thank you Xavier!



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