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Subject: Adding "index.html" to URLs ending with directory
Author: Mike Morrow
Date: 08/02/2006 00:36
I am trying to use httrack from a Linux command line to mirror a dynamic
website managed with drupal. For directory index pages, drupal omits the file
name (which is usually something like "index.html"), and generates a URL of
the form:


By default, httrack writes the page to something like


When I try to browse the mirrored site, using the URL


expects to find .../path/dirname/index.html, not .../path/dirname.html, and a
"Page Not Found" error results.

That httrack behaviour can be overridden with

"-N "%h%p/%n/index.html"

and directory index pages work fine.

However, if drupal should generate a URL containing a filename, such as
<http://domain/path/dirname/index.html>, httrack (with the above -N option)


which fails. Other URLs containing filenames at the end are also broken.

Is there some way to have httrack detect a URL ending with a component with a
"." and cancel the effect of the -N option?  Thanks.

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