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Subject: Still login problems! NTLM?
Author: IntricateFool
Date: 08/04/2006 19:48
I have read through every post that lists anything to do with a password, NTLM,
proxy, yet I am still very confused....

I am trying to provide a client with an offline version of a section of our
company intranet that uses some sort of form based authentication. Httrack
goes through, compiles the site, downloads a bunch of stuff, but when I go to
browse the site httrack takes me straight to the login page???? I feel like I
have tried everything, but still can't get it to browse straight from the part
of the site I am trying to capture without seeing enter login and password. 

The site I am trying to capture: (
(Domain above is fake, but you get the idea...)

Now I have gone through the :catch url" tutorial and it seemed to catch the
url fine... (with new proxy settings I entered in explorer, once I click
submit on authentication it goes to page not displayed which i am guessing
should be normal?)

Now with the NTLM authentication, I can't figure out what to do with that
python based NTLM Authorization Proxy Server????? I could not find a clear
tutorial on how I am supposed to use this thing? I run it, then what? just
leave it open? What are the configuration settings supposed to be for my
What do I set for: LISTEN_PORT:
How do I know if my company uses NTLM to begin with?
My current proxy settings in windows explorer are: 
Address: '(
Port: 81

I know bypassing the authentication for my intranet to browse offline has got
to be possible! What settings do I need to get this thing surfable offline?
Please, I beg you, help me! What am I doing wrong here?

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Still login problems! NTLM?

08/04/2006 19:48
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