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Subject: Re: httrack hangs
Author: ChrisDi
Date: 08/05/2006 21:16

I'm now trying with the latest beta as suggested by you.

But meanwhile I waited for a reply the original installed version was still
running. And ... ohh wonder! ... the tool did download some more files.

But it still was slow and some strange errors occoured:

---- Snip ----
19:42:18<partofdomainname>Info: l/engine: transfer-status: link added:
www.<theservertomirr.or>/<path/to/the/file>/werbung.html ->
PANIC! : Crash adding error, unexpected error found.. [4273]ytes) - 404
PANIC! : Crash adding error, unexpected error found.. [4273]1032 bytes) - 404
19:48:08www.<patofdomainnam>Info: etengine: transfer-status: link added:
www.<theservertomirr.or>/<path/to/the/file>/<file>.html ->
---- Snap ----

I now cancled the job, upgraded to the beta version and restartet the job 25
minutes ago.

But since then the output hangs at:

---- Snip ----
8/98: www.<theservertomirr.or>/<path/to/the/file>.<file>.html (19840 bytes) -
---- Snap ----

So, the beta version didn't gain an advantage in this point. I'll let it run
over night. Maybe I get all the filles downloaded ... but I think it should be
faster doing it's job.

Maybe thers a tip I can use to increase performance?
The parameters I'm currently using are:

-n www.<theservertomirr.or> -*.gif -*.jpg -*.js -*.css -*<adomaintoexclude>/*
-mime:application/* -v



P.s: In the text above this web formular there is a typo in the word
"ansitpam" I think!
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