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Subject: settings when able to see site structure
Author: acehilm
Date: 08/09/2006 10:27
been trying to get a flash site

for example to view the flash site i goto:

but if i remove start.html and enter:
i get to see the file and directories listed
i have used my browser to manually get save the files/folders but it will only
let me do it one at a time and it does not recurse any subdirectories so i
can't do it because there are hundreds if not thousands of subdirectories

i've played around with httrack but have had no success mirroring this site
what i want to do is use httrack to copy the files/directories for me without
it trying to add extra files like index01.html, index02.html, etc....

also i've noticed that when i examine the mirrored site the start.html and
other *.html files httrack created is not the same file as on the original

can someone please help?thanks in advance

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settings when able to see site structure

08/09/2006 10:27
Re: settings when able to see site structure

08/12/2006 13:31


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