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Subject: travel mode: can go very down
Author: Klaus
Date: 08/16/2006 00:48
Dear all,
I have a problem, which might have been up for you in a similar fashion, so if
someone could help me (best by email).
I wanted to use httrack to download a set of pages
where the root page has many links on the same level - which go directly to
other sub-hierarchies and contains a certain (by path identifiable) part I am
really interested in.
But it seems I cannot specify this.
What I really want is: point the tool to a website and 
"say take this one and links that have the form "..." - 
but do NOT go on the same level. 
(This would save me about 99% of the website.)

Anyone any ideas whether this can be done.

Thanks a lot in advance.

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travel mode: can go very down

08/16/2006 00:48
Re: travel mode: can go very down

08/16/2006 03:56


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