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Subject: Re: beta-8-sorry-engine:warning:serialize error
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 08/19/2006 18:25
> just stopped again beta 8.
> xavier, don`t worry, there is still some test
> endurance left.

Humm, the problem is that I scanned through the errorlog and couldn't find
what what going on.

> 22:22:40 Info:  engine: warning: serialize error for
> to
> F:/beta-8-www.homeoint.orgindex.htm/http___www.homeo
> BC51_3.HTM.tmp: open error: Permission denied
> (directory exists, file does not exist)

So Windows actually tells the engine that it can not create the file, but (1)
the directory exists and (2) the file does not yet exists. This is getting

Can you try to go to the
directory and create manually a file named "VIEWTOPICBC51_3.HTM.tmp", and tell
me if you can ?
Another possibility would be a handle leak, but this is IMHO really

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