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Subject: Requesting option to compare files differently
Author: S. Brosio
Date: 08/22/2006 16:09
I am trying to update a downloaded directory of files on a weekly basic, but
HTTrack keeps downloading the entire directory over and over again.  It is now
taking more than 36 hours, and is definitely putting an unneccessary amount of
stress on the hosting web server, not to mention my connection.  I only really
need 3 or 4 new files every couple of days to keep my local copy up to date.

I have read what little there is in the forums on this topic, so I know that
the "update hack" option has to be checked, and it is.  It just does not seem
to help.  It would be nice if there was an option to check for the presence of
a file on the hard drive, and if the time/date or size are the same, then skip

HTTrack is still the very best downloader available, but because of this one
problem, its usefulness for this purpose is severely limited.

Just my thoughts.

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Requesting option to compare files differently

08/22/2006 16:09
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