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Subject: Doit.log
Author: Brett C
Date: 08/24/2006 00:18
I've wrote a little program that extracts the command line from the doit.log
and posts it to a website. We want to edit some of the older doit.log files to
get rid of the footers in them. So I opened up one of them up with HTTrack,
made the change and then saved the configuration without running. It only
seemed to update the winprofile.ini file. I was just wondering if that's
normal or if I need to do something else special to update the doit.log file
without restarting the whole scrape? 

Another thing I was wondering is when the doit.log file is actually updated.
Is it when you start (or restart) the scrape or is it at the end of a scrape?

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08/24/2006 00:18
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