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Subject: Re: forum copy
Author: hans
Date: 08/26/2006 13:32
i always get this error:
"3:30:46 Info:  Note: due to remote robots.txt rules,
links begining with these path will be forbidden: /forexforum/printthread,
/forexforum/sendmessage, /forexforum/register, /forexforum/login,
/forexforum/newreply, /forexforum/subscription, /forexforum/private,
/forexforum/misc, /forexforum/report, /forexforum/showpost,
/forexforum/admincp, /forexforum/install, /forexforum/includes, /m_y_s_q_l,
/phpads/admin, /phpads/cache, /phpads/client, /phpads/langauge,
/phpads/libraries, /phpads/maintenance, /phpads/misc, /fijireports (see in the
options to disable this)"

Do you know how to disable?
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