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Subject: Change saved filenames.
Author: GC
Date: 08/28/2006 19:29
I searched the forum but didn't find a post on this but there probably is one.
Sorry but I'll ask the question anyway.
I'm mirroring a site with ID query strings in the URLs. I would like to know
how to set HTTrack so that:

1) How to change the saved filenames by adding text to the front and end of
the name, such as, test1-filename-test2.shtml

2) How to make the saved file name extensions be .shtml 

3) There are no query strings in the saved filenames, those URL's are changed
to static URL's?
4) How to ONLY mirror pages on the single domain, such as,

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Change saved filenames.

08/28/2006 19:29


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