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Subject: no resume of download
Author: Bill
Date: 09/05/2006 17:31

I tried WinHttrack 3.40-2+swf to mirror a huge documentation site.

The site uses frames and a lot of js and holds not less than 10Gb of pdf.

I started HTtrack with 1,000,000 max links and 16 persistent connections and
after maybe 20 hours of mirroring the computer started to choke. I then
stopped Httrack, restarted winXP and restarted HTtrack to resume the stopped

Now Httrack won't download further than the last file downloaded. How can I
have it resume the whole site download ?
Tks,  Bill 

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no resume of download

09/05/2006 17:31
Re: no resume of download

09/10/2006 11:16


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