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Subject: Re: www.MYSONGBOOK.COM problem
Author: FACILISIMO from Chile
Date: 09/06/2006 08:19
> Hey guys :(
> I'm really sorry but i couldn't understand how to
> make it.. and for your information i know nothing
> what you are talking about :( can you help me

I reached this forum and also knew nothing of what people was talking about so
I will asume you are just like me in that moment.
This is a way on downloading GPRO tabs from using HTTrack
Website copier program (I didn't realized about this at the beginning). You
can download from here: 


what Charlezz is explaining to us is what properties in the program should be
modified in order to download the tabs.

Important: first, you should use Mozilla browser.
second, you must know that you will download all the archives from a certain
artist page in

1) intall the program it
2) it will ask you about your proxy...My connection doesn't use proxy (to know
this enter: what is my ip? ┬┐cual es mi ip? in google) so I leaved it in
3) click new project
4) enter the project's name and where will be saved-- click NEXT 
5) Action: leave it in download web site
    add url : here you copy/paste the web address of the artist you are trying
to download the tab from
   SET OPTIONS: here is the catch. You have to set the options just as
Charlezz explained.

    SCan rules: write or copy/paste:
(you should put the url you put in Add URl instead of this example)*.htm
+*.gp3 +*.gp4 +*.zip +*.gp5 +*.gtp
(copy/paste the last 2 sentences)

  --change the option BUILD/Local Structure Type to:
HTML in site_name/html, images/other in site_name/images

--  Browser: change to mozilla 5.0... next...

in this page put finish...the programs will download the
archives to your comp.

hope that help...thanks to Charlezz!
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