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Subject: Scan rules problem - mime types
Author: Mihaela
Date: 09/12/2006 16:02

I have a basically simple problem, but it's been giving me headaches for days

I have a bunch of websites I have to crawl and I only want to download the
text, no binary stuff. First I've tried this:

-* +*htm* +*cgi* +*asp* +*php* +*jsp* +*xml* +*dhm* +*xhtm*

And it works fine, except that content files can have any extension, even no
extension. So, now I'm trying this:

-u1 -mime:*/* +mime:text/html

It's great, but I get a lot of ".delayed" files for all the
images/pdf/zip/.... files and I really don't want them.

Please advice me.

PS: I'm using v3.4

Best regards!

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Scan rules problem - mime types

09/12/2006 16:02
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