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Subject: URL address size problem
Author: Herb Herman
Date: 09/15/2006 19:42
Thank you for your excellent program.

I am using WinHTTrack Website Copier 3.33 (+swf).

For certain URLS, I have problems when I use a URL Listfile which contain more
than say 300 or 400 entries. But when I explicitly enter these individually in
Web Addresses (URL) Box provided, I have no problems.

But your Web Addresses (URL) Box seems memory limited.
I need it to be maybe 10 times bigger as I am sometimes
dealing with URL address lists of 5000-6000 items.

Mosts sites I am mirroring allow this with no problem. But some do not. These
work OK with the explicit URL BOX method, but your memory limitation seems to
prevent this approach.

Herb Herman


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