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Subject: .html.tmp
Author: Mark
Date: 09/16/2006 06:55
I have been trying HT Track on an older machine (p3-600 with 256mb) and on
occasion have cancelled out of the program either via the cancel button or by
closing the program altogether.  

In some of the download files there are an abundance of .html.tmp files --
that if renamed to .htm seem to be completely viable downloads.  Similarly
when I have closed out an operation I have noticed that html.tmp files which
are in the download directory are (sometimes) deleted -- not sure if by
windows or by ht track or both.  

Question, what are the html.tmp files (I would hazard a guess that they are
the downloaded but not yet parsed pages?); 

Also can ht track be set to not delete them (as I said they are completely
viable pages and if necessary I can rename them using a batch utility)?

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