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Subject: newbie with a project, maybe.
Author: ronniejay
Date: 10/06/2006 00:59
Just found out about httrack and need to know if I should persue it for
something I do. I am into sweepstakes/contests. Have won cash, cars, tvs, etc.
I found a national bank that gives away $25,000 to one person at each grand
opening. I have started looking at their site, which uses infonow to provide
their locations by state, with number of branches per city, then branch info
(address, phone, etc., or what month it is going to open). I have dial-up
internet. I have a file of states, cities and number of branches ib excel
spreadsheet. I regularly, 2 - 3 times per week, go to the state level where
cities are listed, 60 per page with number of branches. One state has 661
branches. I cut and paste the city list page by page into a spreadsheet. I use
macros to paste, text to cols to isolate the number in a col, then compare
this set with the last set to mark which city has increased branches. I then
look at the city on the site and record the month for opening a branch on a
sheet. I check those openings and when the phone number is posted there, it is
open. I have visited all 13 or so in my local city area and mailed entries to
about 10, per their rules. You have to enter to win! I saw on this forum where
one mirror download took 10 days! I do not need all the stuff, just what I cut
and use, which I may be able to identify by file names.

Am I out in left field on trying to use httrack on this? I have tried a couple
of downloads and got cache errors and nothing very quickly. Also tried scan
only - no luck. I know some html and stuff, am an old IT guy. Tell me your
city and I will share branch openings for help.

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newbie with a project, maybe.

10/06/2006 00:59


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