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Subject: Problem mirroring large site
Author: HelgeLarsen
Date: 10/06/2006 10:28

I'm trying to mirror a large site using httrack-3.41-BETA-10 (to avoid another
error) on a windows server 2003 platform.

After running for more than 3½ hour i get these errors:

	Warning: 	error: no space left in stack for back_add
	Warning: 	debug: DUMPING 1152 BLOCKS
	Info: 	debug: back[000]: may_clean=0, may_finalize_disk=0, may_serialize=0:
	finalized(0), status(0), locked(0), delayed(1), test(0), 
	statuscode(-7), size(0), is_write(0), may_hypertext(0), 
	contenttype(text/plain), url(xxx), save(yyy.aff.delayed)

The Info section id repeated for alle the 1152 blocks (I have deleted the URL
as it contains username and passwords, and the first part of save path).

These lines is followed by lots of these lines (URL changed to xxx, filename
to yyy):

	Info: 	engine: warning: unserialize error for xxx (yyy): no more space to
wakeup frozen slots
	Warning: 	error: no space left in stack for back_add
	Error: 	Unexpected backing error for xxx

How do I mirror a large site ?

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Problem mirroring large site

10/06/2006 10:28
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