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Subject: Including ASP Parameters with Filename
Author: Damir
Date: 02/18/2002 06:45
I have already used HTTRack on a previous project and 
it took no time to configure. Unfortunately this 
project (like all) is of a different nature. I need to 
mirror a site with heaps of ASP files, what I need to 
do and have been trying for the last 7 hours, is to 
via COMMAND LINE PARAMETER mirror the ASP site whilst 
still MAINTAIN THE PARAMETERS. Unfortunately it 
mirrors the site ok, but it changes the file name e.g. 
default.asp?ID=42 end up being default69ca.asp how can 
I maintain the parameters? I have looked via 
discussion board and although I did find a useful 
article it still did not help here is what I have so 

c:\winhttrack\httrack.exe qvb.local -O C:\Search\QVB2
\ -v -u0 -%e0 -F "Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 5.01; 
Windows NT 5.0)" -N "%h%p/%n%[o]%[T].%t" -q -*.gif -
*.jpg -*.jpeg -*.swf -*.zip -*.doc -*.exe -*.vbs -
*.js -*.pdf -*.css -*.rtf

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Including ASP Parameters with Filename

02/18/2002 06:45
Re: Including ASP Parameters with Filename

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