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Subject: Mispellings in Swedish version.
Author: TE
Date: 02/18/2002 10:46
This maybe is a silly thing to write about, but I´m 
doing it anyway.

I´ve just downloaded v 3.15-2 and found it to be a 
really useful tool.

Bacause I´m from Sweden (and not so good at English) I 
switched to swedish in the language dialogbox, and 
walking through the menus and options I found some 
minor mispellings.

Those mispellings, of course, do not affect the using 
of the program but they gives a feeling that the 
program are not a really professional product (which I 
think it is).

So, what will I do?

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Mispellings in Swedish version.

02/18/2002 10:46
Re: Mispellings in Swedish version.

02/18/2002 19:13


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