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Subject: Categories (again)
Author: jargoon
Date: 10/12/2006 12:43
I've recently made some mirrors with webhttrack, jus to try it, and created
them specifying "project category". The result was a nice index with grouped
items that I wish to mimic with Linux shell version. Unfortunately it can't be
done 'smartly' yet.

In spite of that, I just figured out how to categorise your images, but in a
fashion 'not so smart':

--  create/edit with your favorite editor (kate/notepad) the file
"winprofile.ini", located in folder "hts-cache" of each mirror
--  create/edit an entry called "Category=" (usually the 2nd line) where it
should be read the name of your desired category (e.g.: Category=Spiders)
--  create/update a mirror with HTTrack and it will reorder your index page
with all your new categories

I think it would be nice having a shell option to do just that, but I don't
know if webhttrack/winhttrack would accept this file to make future updates
without side effects.

In the meantime, I feel just happy with this workaround.

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