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Subject: Update (or Continue interrupted) re-read files ...
Author: ingoshome
Date: 10/13/2006 01:50

After hours of try & error and reading this forum I found
out - but not for sure:

"Depending on the servers abilities in some cases it's NOT
possible to prevent (very big) files to be re-read an re-
written!? This is when the server does not handle update-
requests correctly!?"

Am I right?
In my case (limiting transfere rate and connections) the
mirror lasts more than a whole day - I never reached the
end :-( about thausands of binaryes up to hundrets of MB!

So - for my understanding (and other people seem to have
the same problem) it might be very useful to have an option

'skip exsisting binaries greater than [____________]B'

In many cases big downloadable files do not change - even if
the HTML-stuff around is updated - and if - they often
change the name containing a version number:

setup-xy-1.3.4.exe  'changes' to setup-xy-2.0.exe

Would a new feature 'skip' help many people or did I
overlook important stuff to solve my problem of very long
running updates reloading GB's of unchanged binaries?
Thank you ...
And thank's a lot for this cool tool!

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Update (or Continue interrupted) re-read files ...

10/13/2006 01:50
Re: Update (or Continue interrupted) re-read files

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