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Subject: Restructuring Archived Copy
Author: Alex
Date: 10/17/2006 15:07
Hi, is there an *easy* way to restructure an existing mirror of a website? 

When I want a local copy of a website to change from the default structure to
a structure-type like the various WEB/... variants, I can do so by mirroring
my local copy. You can just update your mirror after that operation.

But when I want to change my local copy from (for example) the "WEB/HTML &
WEB/XXX" structure to "site-structure, without", I can't do
that. Mirroring my local copy will give me all the hard-drive directories,
which I don't want.

In fact, when I update an existing mirror, but change its local structure
type, HTTrack will download the entire website all over again, even though its
server has ETags. From what I understand from the hts-cache, it has all the
necessary information to just restructure the mirror.

Am I missing something? Or is HTTrack not capable of restructuring (without
downloading the site again) an existing mirror? This would be useful...not
only to me, but I believe it can also prevent us from being too much of a
burden on servers.

Thanks for your program and keep up the good work.

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