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Subject: Download Order
Author: Matt
Date: 10/22/2006 01:37
Normally HTTrack downloads in this order:

scan root links for level 1
download  all level 1
scan level 1 links for level 2
download all level 2
scan level 2 links for level 3
download all level 3

So if you look at it like a tree, it gets the trunk, then all the main
branches, then all the smaller branches, then all the twigs, then all the

Is it possible to make it do the following:

scan root links for level 1
download first level 1 link
scan this link for level 2 links
download first level 2 link
no level 3 links detected
download next level 2 link
scan this link for level 3
download level 3 link
no level 4
download next level 2
no more level 2 detected
download next level 1 link
scan this link for level 2 links

Basically, it follows each link as deep down as possible and downloads all
adjacent links until there aren't any, then goes up a level, and follows the
next link as deep as possible and downloads all adjacent links, repeating like
this until it can't find adjacent links, and keeps going up in levels until it
gets back to the root with no more adjacent links.

So instead of finding all the directories first, and then getting their
contents, every time it sees a new directory, it gets all the contents first,
and if it finds a new directory in that directory, it gets all those contents

Ok, I think I've explained the same thing like three times already. I hope one
of my explanations make sense. I get the feeling there is probably a single
word out there that describes exactly what I'm trying to say. Too bad I don't
know what it is.

So, is that possible? I've searched the forums and I think you've said that it
isn't because you want to avoid infinite loops. But I'm not sure so I'm asking

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