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Subject: Update Without Purging or Removing Links
Author: Matt
Date: 10/22/2006 21:02
I have a txt file with thousands of links in it. I feel that this is way too
much to put into WHTT all at once. So my plan is to copy a hundred or so links
and put them into HTT and have it download them. Then, when they're done, I'll
put the next hundred in. And have it update the site using the added links.

However, I don't want it to scan all the old links to see if they're
different. So I remove them and hit the check box to not purge old files.

The problem is the links to these files are removed from the index.html that
HTT creates containing all the localy created categories/projects. Only the
most recent batch are listed, meaning I have to manually navigate to all the
old ones.

How do I fix this without having all the old links in the Web Addresses list
in HTT. Or if they have to be there, then how do I keep it from rescanning
Thanks a bunch.

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Update Without Purging or Removing Links

10/22/2006 21:02
Re: Update Without Purging or Removing Links

10/22/2006 22:33
I guess no one knows how to do this?

10/28/2006 20:08


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