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Subject: Crash.txt error
Author: Brett C
Date: 10/30/2006 22:14
I've been having quite a bit of difficulty trying to download larger sites.
Sites that take longer than a day to download (very large sites) always crash
and the CRASH.txt file gives the error:

assert failed: zip_zipWriteInFileInZip_failed

We've had this problem before but it was due to server activity. That was just
a one time hit that knocked out all of our current downloads. This is much
worse and we can't attribute it to server activity. I'm getting this error
with several different versions of HTTrack, including the latest. We have many
computers set up for downloading and not all of them have the same version,
but all are getting the same error.

I assume the problem lies on our end but I can't figure out what it is. We
have over a terabit of space so that isn't the problem. Any suggestions?
Thanks for your time.

- Brett

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