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Subject: StatusCode: 502 (Bad Gateway)
Author: Frank
Date: 11/25/2006 23:58
Till 3 weeks ago the program was perfectly able to copy data (photo's) now I'm
getting constantly the bad gateway, I've seen older messages of the same topic
but not a good resolution, my internet had not changed, and if I use a trail
on webcopier pro, there is no problem and that (shareware) program just copies
everything. (i can only use thgat for 2 weeks and period is almost done)


ContentType: text/html

StatusCode: 502 (Bad Gateway)

InternalStatus: 0 (ready)

StatusMessage: Bad Gateway

HTTP/1.1: yes
ChunkMode: no
TestMode: no
HeadRequest: no
NotModified: no
WriteToDisk: no
LocalFile: no

I'm getting the feeling it is the program HTTrack not able to copy, what to do
?(I use the program privately only)

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StatusCode: 502 (Bad Gateway)

11/25/2006 23:58


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