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Subject: Maximum external depth
Author: Leto
Date: 02/21/2002 23:04
> page u have many texts linked on many sites outside 
> the start page - not within the start page (example: 
> if the start page is and u have link 
> like (instead of 
> text.html it might be text.txt))?!?! how to grab it?! 
> do i have to put an number in 'external depth'? which 
> number should it be (in this case)?
Yes, I suggest you try "Maximum external depth" option. See
<> from the manual.

Just define your filters for the start website as normal, then set External
depth to 1.  I'm guessing this will grab the first page of any external links
from the start website.

You may also want to change the build struture, so it doesn't make folders
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