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Subject: Fail to download html links to local disk
Author: michris
Date: 12/10/2006 22:35

I want to copy a part of a site which contains a lot of links. These links are
referenced to pdf files(located on other drives). I would like to have a copy
of these files on my local HD. But for a or other reason I can not make
httrack do tis for me.

I tried allready a lot different combinations of the possible settings. [I use
the dos version of httrack]

Either the downloaded local site keeps refering to the original  url. or
either I end up with this page does not exits message ...

Maybe this helps :
>>> this is a piece the source html => link 
<br /><a class="prnlink"

>>> this is the source after downloading => returning the page does not exist
<br /><a class="prnlink"

Can someone give me the golden tip?
Many thanks in advance.

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Fail to download html links to local disk

12/10/2006 22:35
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12/12/2006 00:28


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