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Subject: Automatizing of the Httrack wizard
Author: Svetlomir
Date: 12/14/2006 15:53
Does anyone know how to configure the Httrack (in the Description of Httrack
is written that this is possible) so that when I start Httrack I don't get the
"Wellcome" window but Httrack is executed in the background so when I see a
site I need to press one buton (or so) to execute the Httrack routine which
works in the background and downloads the site (whithout showing windows).
Does anyone has an idea how to set up this feature? Or can anyone write a
short batch that does this, probably it is not that complicated but I'm new in
batch writing. 
I hope someone will answer soon.. 

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Automatizing of the Httrack wizard

12/14/2006 15:53


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