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Subject: A Site Which Can't Saved Correctly !
Author: M.Roboto
Date: 12/15/2006 00:11
I've been using HTTrack for at least a couple of years, 1st in the form of a
Firefox extension called SpiderZilla, then I got the stand-alone version
earlier this year.  It's one of best pieces of sware I have, retail or
otherwise !  I was shocked when, today, I discovered a downloaded site that
doesn't render correctly !  Quel horreur ! :)

Here's the URL:

I'm using the latest stable release (3.40) under Windows.  Haven't tried the
beta yet (the stable release has only failed today, after dozens of
successfully downloaded projects !)  The specific problems w/ the site:

(1)  the background color/graphic which makes the body text visible, is lost
(renders as black/red, very hard-to-read.)

(2)  On the 'Getting Started Manual' page (,
there are embedded text fields, which are supposed to be decorated w/ push
buttons.  The text field formatting fails completely and no buttons are

FWIW, I use HTTrack to overcome a persistent issue w/ many OSS projects, etc: 
downloading on-line documentation, particularly when the project/site offers
NO off-line documentation of any kind.  (Rendering issue notwithstanding, the
problem website is a perfect example of my use of HTTrack.)  Otherwise,
HTTrack has been absolutely invaluable for this mission.

It's my hope that reporting this site now, will permit any potential changes
to make it into the next revision.  Many thanks for this program and keep up
the exceptional work !

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A Site Which Can't Saved Correctly !

12/15/2006 00:11


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