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Subject: Only downloading links erronously listed as broken
Author: MustardMan
Date: 12/22/2006 23:22
Using WinHTTrack ver 2.40-2

Downloading a large site consisting of thousands of small files, that total to
about 500MB. WinHTTrack crashed a couple of times during this opeation, and I
had to re-start the computer. I didn't pay a great deal of attention to the
exact error, but both times it occured after about 4 hours.

'Just' before it crashed the second time (like about half an hour), it started
listing a large number of files as 'missing', and it seemed only about 1 in 20
(or less) were actually working...

The error report before the crash... 23715 errors, 3 warnings, 18461 messages

After the crash, shutdown & restart, all the requested pages came down fine. I
suspect my network connection had gone dodgey.

How do I confirm that the missing pages (files) were re-transferred or not? I
can not do it manually, as the site is quite convoluted with many cascading

The only thread that gave me some sort of clue was
which talks about error links, where he doesn't want to re-transfer the entire
site to check.

Since my target site is large and contains nearly 50,000 files, can I tell
HTTrack to just re-check the error links? Have thay been saved? Will I have to
check the mirror for broken links? Have they already been done???

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Only downloading links erronously listed as broken

12/22/2006 23:22


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