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Subject: Re: Two different things ...
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 02/24/2002 00:56
> Here is a strange problem ...I visit a page and 
> that I wish to mirror it. So, when I copy and paste 
> the URL, I get an error page that says, 'Page has 
> moved' and WHT reports that the page is empty. When 
> visit the page with my browser, it still exists, and 
> there is no redirection tag in the HTML. However, I 
> can download from any other directory in the site. 
> What's up with that?
Err.. I don't know - if the redirection is done on 
external domain, you'll have to use filters to accept 
this domain, as in:*

This can also be some javascript complex code, or a 
protection against offline browsers..

> Here is another problem that I encountered a while 
> back with the early 3.0 release. I tried to mirror a 
> site that uses JavaScript to perform a 
> function with escape codes, instead of using 
> ASCII for HTML. However, WHT is unable to process 
> type of code, even in the latest version 3.15-2. 
> there be a future release that will fix this problem?
This kind of code is generally handled, but ONLY if 
the syntax is SIMPLE, as in:
document.write('<a href="foo.gif">');
In this case, the foo.gif image will be caught.

But things like:
document.write('<a href="'+a.src+'.gif">');
won't work, because there isn't any real javascript 
engine embedded in the engine (this would be really 

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